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Through culturally competent programming such as The Black Business Conference: Greenwood Week, Black Restaurant Week, and industry specific summits (real estate, tech, arts, etc.), Greenwood Plan focuses on intentional resource redirection, economic justice, business growth and sustainment, and socioeconomic guidance. Within these processes, the project aims to:


  • Support and educate Black-owned businesses to start, sustain, and/or grow within the local economy and beyond;

  • Create a network for and comprised of local business owners to connect with peers and organizations;

  • Advocate for and eliminate barriers for Black entrepreneurs, professionals, and artists;

  • Encourage self advocacy around economics and entrepreneurship;

  • Support and train larger organizations on initiatives and working with Black-owned businesses equitably;

  • Enrich the lives of Black entrepreneurs with health and wellness programming with local consultancy; and

  • Engage and encourage businesses in industries of the future.

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