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Established in 2021, the Greenwood Plan is a Pittsburgh based non-profit focused on supporting the communal health of Black communities.



To advance economic justice for Black communities by bridging people and knowledge networks, redirecting resources, and supporting the unique needs of Black businesses.



  • To foster the vitality of Black-owned businesses through supporting efforts to initiate, sustain, and grow within the local economy and beyond; 

  • To create a network for regional Black business owners to connect with peers and organizations to stimulate growth and leverage opportunities; 

  • To serve as a catalyst for connecting partners, resources, and initiatives to Black entrepreneurs, professionals, gig workers, and creatives, advocating for elimination of barriers. 

  • To launch signature events that support economic visibility for Black businesses such as the successful projects Greenwood Week, Black Restaurant Week and industry summits in emerging growth areas. 

  • To champion our coworking space as a supporting resource for business incubation and expansion.


Read our Full Strategic Plan!

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