The Team

Who We Are


Khamil Scantling

Founder & CFO

Khamil Scantling is the founder and CEO of Cocoapreneur Pgh, LLC, a Black business consultancy firm based and focused on the Greater Pittsburgh area. The aim of Cocoapreneur is to make Black businesses better equipped to serve the communities in which they reside and to point consumers to the Black businesses in their communities that contribute most to those communities. Some of the work done by Cocoapreneur includes the Cocoapreneur Directory, Cocoapreneur Job Board, and most recently, launching a relief fund for Black businesses in the Greater Pittsburgh Area.

Samantha Black

Founder & Executive Director

Samantha Black began her entrepreneurial career by establishing an initiative called "Support Your Local Artist" or "SYLA". Through SYLA PGH, she is a curator and consultant, tackling diversity, equity in funding, arts and culture, and socioeconomics. Samantha can also be found doing work for various organizations throughout Pittsburgh such as Foward Cities as an Ecosystem Navigator and the Nafasi project working on the planning team and designing a business plan as the #ArtsInHD-Hill District Arts Programmer. She is a writer, philanthropist, entrepreneurial innovator, visionary and a mom.


Brandi Taylor

Director of Operations

“If not me, then who?” These are the words that have resonated with Brandi since the year 2008 when she returned home to Pittsburgh. 


Brandi began working with the Black Political Empowerment Project (B-PEP) as a Community Liaison where she made connections and built relationships with community organizations and built Anti-Violence Youth Summit with five area High Schools within the Pittsburgh Public School District.


Her organizing skills were further developed through a Professional Fellowship Training Managers track with Organizing for Action (OFA) in Chicago. She is trained in Trauma and Adversity and holds two licenses as a Restorative Practice Trainer.


Brandi is now the Founder and Lead Trainer of Solace Consulting, a newly founded firm dedicated to expanding the work of Restorative Practices. 

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Employment at "The Greenwood Week" Conference is more flexible than most. With decolonized work structures, our teams are able to work as contractors or vendors, virtual or in-person, with or without their children, and so much more. We are flexible to the needs of our people an encourage autonomy within our organization so that people are supported and empowered.